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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Phillipines | August 2001  

August 2001 - Back Home

Greetings, reunions, and life slips back to normal

Maggie and Monica finally get rid of their old shoes but once around the world is enough Tote's birthday in DeKalb Ready to head back to Denver in the van The last version of Grandma's Big Trip poster
Smiling in Amana, Iowa Tote's shoes Back in the dining room in Denver with our planning map in the background Flowers and one of the posters left by the Wielgas to welcome us home
The foothills Hiking at home Still pals after a year together Party with our friends on a warm Denver evening at Kerry and Joe's
Joe and Fred The muffin salesman ready for action Open for business And business is brisk
Cook Park cross-country At the first meet, Maggie beat everyone her age and a few that were older Johndi and Tote tied for first The Cook Park boys, led by Tote, took second at Faith Christian.  Maggie and Cook Park's other girl took fifth place.