April 2001 - Saqqarah

On our last day in Cairo we visited part of the necropolis of the ancient city of Memphis and to our delight found a place reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Herbie Hancock concert at American University's auditorium.  Herbie is actually standing behind the piano player, waiting his turn.  Great concert, and it was free.  Looking out the window from Pensione Roma Bicycle Step pyramid of Doser.   Constructed by Imhotep in 27 BC, this was the largest stone structure ever built.  Until Imhotep royal tombs were underground rooms with an occasional mud-brick mastaba on the top.
Part of Doser's pyramid complex.  Part of the Great South Court, a huge open area on the pyramid's south side of the pyramid.  The pyramid and part of a wall featuring a frieze of cobras.  The cobra, or uraeus, was a symbol of lower Egyptian royalty The pyramid was built in six stages.  It started as a simple mastaba.  Imhotep added to it as he gained confidence in building with stone.  When he was done, the pyramid was sheathed with fine limestone.
You can see pyramids out in the distance Tote and false door The step pyramid There are lots of other tombs around the step pyramid with the finest carvings we saw outside the Egyptian Museum
No, they are not standing on a pyramid Maggie and Dad using guidebook to identify strange desert beast
Guard and boys Looking into Doser's serdab.  Serdabs allowed the pharaoh's ka to communicate with the outside world. The desert This was a really fun place to walk around and pretend we were explorers
Pub sign We really liked this sign.
Those dots are Dad and the boys
Those too.  Tote and I saw human bones laying out on the sand as we walked.  Pretty cool Getting back to our taxi