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Travelogue: By Country | By Date India | April 2001  

April 2001 - More Madurai; More Temple
A statue from the art museum Shiva and Parvati Ganesh The museum
A statue from the temple This shows one of the places in the temple where one can buy souvenirs and things to offer to the statues. A shrine Another shrine in one of the areas of the temple that is open to the sky
The tallest tower, the South Tower A shrine Another of those, "can we take a photo" photos.  The guys wanted a picture of their kid with Maggie but the little kid was terrified so they had to get in the photo, too.  We've started taking our own photo, too.  What the heck. The kids in front of the inside of the West Tower.
A new shopping mall in Madurai This shows the temple towers from our hotel room.  A Madurai street.  This one is uncharacteristically wide and clean. A photo by request outside the Ghandi Museum
Ceiling in the Temple Along the way to Kodaikanal Same Kodai is a hill station founded in 1845 by Americans and British.